I have people ask me all the time “Why do you get anti-wrinkle, you don’t have any lines!” Well the answer is my friends, prevention is better than cure in the world of wrinkles! 

The lines that you see when moving your face to create facial expressions are called dynamic lines! Over time, those dynamic lines turn into what we call static lines, which are the ones that are there for good! They are caused by the constant use of our muscles, moving in the same way, over and over again.

Anti-wrinkle is a Botulinum Toxin Type A which when injected into the muscle stops the nerves from being able to send a message to the muscle, causing them to contact! No muscle movement = no lines! Simple.  If you already have established static lines, this is ok!  It’s not too late to start taking preventative action!  Your lines will not disappear altogether but they will soften, results will vary depending how deep your static lines are.  Antiwrinkle is measured in units, and again, how many units you will need, will be determined by what areas you are wanting treated and what degree your lines are, mild, moderate or severe. 


Common side effects of anti-wrinkle

Things you must be aware of before committing to an anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Common side effects of anti-wrinkle is redness, bruising or swelling; however, if any of these side effects do occur, they are generally very mild, if any.  More serious side effects of anti-wrinkle, though far less common, is what we call a ptsosis or a drop of the eye brow or the eyelid.  This is when injection of the toxin leads to a muscle weakness and a resultant droop.  This can occur when treating the glabella (frown) or the frontalis (forehead), or both.  This is avoided by correct dosing and injection technique, however, as with any invasive medical procedure, there is always a possible risk.

Dermal Filler

Dermal filler is a formulated hylaronic acid.  Hylaronic acid is a natural product within our skin and it is what gives us our volume.  As we age, our natural volume (hylaronic acid) depletes, so by replenishing the volume lost with dermal filler you end up with fuller and more hydrated skin.  Results with dermal filler are INSTANT!  Common areas treated with dermal filler are the lips and cheeks.  Both of which I specialize in at Injectables by Susie Pearl.


Common side effects of dermal filler

Similarly to anti-wrinkle, the most common side effects of dermal filler is redness, bruising and swelling, though unlike anti-wrinkle, are much more likely and apparent with a dermal filler treatment.   Dermal filler is a gel, a much thicker product than anti-wrinkle, so as it integrates with the tissues it is injected to, bruising and swelling is far more likely during that amalgamation period. This can last as long as up to 6 weeks in some cases post a treatment, however varies for everyone.  In most cases, side effects will have resided within 1 week.

More serious side effects of anti-wrinkle, though incredibly rare, is in the event of the filler once injected into the treatment area, blocking or occluding an atery.  This can lead to what we call necrosis (skin cell death) and would require medical attention.  The other is if the filler were to travel up to the optic nerve, it could lead to vision impairment and even blindness.  Again, this is incredibly rare, but as with any invasive medical procedure, is a possible side effect and you must be completely understanding of such before undergoing a dermal filler treatment.  


Perfect Lips 1ml $450 (dermal filler) This product has a longevity of 6-12 months depending on your metabolism and how fast your body absorbs the product. Perfect lips is a nice product for first-timers, also if you already have quite a lot of volume and just want a more natural enhancement. ✨


Wow Lips 1ml $620 (dermal filler) This product has a longevity of 12-18 months and is a slightly thicker product! Great for those with naturally small lips or wanting a little more WOW! ✨


Sweet Cheeks 2ml $1100 or 1ml $700 (dermal filler) This product has a longevity of up to 24 months, 2 years! Hence the price! It is a product which lifts and enhances the natural volume in your cheeks and along our cheekbones. Typically used to replenish volume lost as we age or to enhance the volume we already have. 


A little further on cheeks – The cheeks are often the last place people think of when they think of facial restoration or enhancement, but they are often the first place we look to treat facial rejuvenation. 

Cheek fillers provide instant volume, either to replenish what is lost with age or to enhance the volume we already have! Cheek fillers also provide instantaneous lift, improving our overall facial balance. 

Not only does cheek filler automatically enhance the prominence of the cheekbone, filler in the cheeks inadvertently also softens nasolabial folds, (or more commonly known as smile or laugh lines), and marionette lines (the vertical lines surrounding the chin). It can also help to improve the lateral canthal lines (crows feet), tear trough or bags under the eyes, as well as help to soften crows feet and to help lift a downward smile. It also assists in masking movement of the fat pads around the cheek and under the eye as well as lighting a droopy jowl!


What is the down time after an anti-wrinkle treatment?

This photo of me is the other week when I had my frown and forehead treated, taken straight after my treatment, no filter, and before I even had my markings cleaned off. As you can see, there is some slight redness across the injection points, but it is very minor!! This will pass within the hour, then you’ll be good to go, no one will be none the wiser of your little treat to yourself.

You’re so young, why do you get anti-wrinkle?

Simple.  As with anything, prevention is better than cure! Unfortunately I have people come to be all the time for their first ever anti-wrinkle treatment once their static lines have been well established for quite some time.  Look at it this way – Anti-wrinkle is an investment!  The best time to start treating wrinkles is when they first appear!  Just because you start young does not mean you will be hooked for life, instead, you will likely have to come back less and less often.


I don’t want lip fillers because I don’t want to look like a duck

A common misconception with lip fillers is that there is no one product that fits all.  There are numerous different lip products in the market today and it is about choosing the right product for the result you are after.  Make sure you discuss this with your treatment provider prior to going ahead with your service.